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"Now, Before and After"

Teaching time tenses using Tense Sequencing Cards.


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My Child Has a Hearing Loss...What Next?
By: Paula Rosenthal, Parent, Founder of HearingExchange.com

Information and resources for parents of newly diagnosed deaf and hard of hearing children.

"You Don't Have Words to Describe What I Experience" - What Does Autism Feel Like?
By: N. Walker, J. Cantello,, Editors

The sensory experience of individuals with autism based on first hand accounts. From the Geneva Centre.

Decisions, Decisions!
By: Becke Anderson, Parent and Family Services Specialist, Special Edu

Guide for parents.

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Concepts: Cause-and-Effect and Up-and-Down

You can't keep a good Skwish down! Encourage your child to press a Skwish flat. You say "Down" with a falling voice. When they let go and the Skwish bounces say "up!"


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