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Parenting a Literal Child

It's not just a matter of symantics - for some kids, everything is literal. In parenting several kids with FAS/FAE, I've found that you have to be very careful with your instructions - because they'll be followed!


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Let's Learn To Think Like A Computer!
By: Lee Doerksen, Dragonfly Staff

Helping cognitively young children learn to use computers.

My Child Has a Hearing Loss...What Next?
By: Paula Rosenthal, Parent, Founder of HearingExchange.com

Information and resources for parents of newly diagnosed deaf and hard of hearing children.

Teaching Children with Serious Cerebral Palsy About Scanning
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Using Clicker 4 to teach children the scan method of accessing a computer.


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Hydrotherapy: Keeping Your Chin Up In The Water!

Try the Head Float with children with Cerebral Palsy or Hypotonia. The material of the Head Float is the same density as human skin, making the float comfortable and non-clammy. This is not a lifejacket but will comfortably keep your child's head above the water, increasing feelings of security and fun in the water. Try putting water wings on the ankles for an interesting change of position!


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