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Debunking four common steryotypes about kids with special needs

Often what is known about disabled children comes from television and movies. This information often is false and exaggerated and leads people to believe in stereotypes. Stereotypes can be destructive to the relationships between children and new, inexperienced caregivers.


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Let's Learn To Think Like A Computer!
By: Lee Doerksen, Dragonfly Staff

Helping cognitively young children learn to use computers.

My Child Has a Hearing Loss...What Next?
By: Paula Rosenthal, Parent, Founder of HearingExchange.com

Information and resources for parents of newly diagnosed deaf and hard of hearing children.

Teaching Children with Serious Cerebral Palsy About Scanning
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Using Clicker 4 to teach children the scan method of accessing a computer.


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Q: Can my child make the reciprocal (bicycling) motion with their legs while seated upright? A: Perhaps straps on the pedals are enough to keep the feet on the pedals throughout the entire trip around. If we need more help, then a Journey model provides incredible torso support, and it shifts the angle of the reciprocating leg motion towards that back where many children can handle it better.


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