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Swimming Pool Safety Tip.

Special swimming concerns for the child with spina bifida!


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Talking about hearing impairment
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Give more, not different.

If a child has a hearing impairment, we sometimes slip in to an exaggerated communications mode. We must resist! Speak normally, as exaggerated lip movements are difficult to read. Adult's should instead provide visual cues that accompanies normal speech, without distorting the message with uncommon motions.

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Assentive Computer Technology - Using The Touch Free Switch To Click

To use the Touch Free Switch with users with disabilities, just point the camera at an arm, elbow, face, finger or foot. Zoom in or out to capture small or large movements. Select an area in the onscreen video window, then move in or out of the box to trigger a mouse click. Try using it with switch adapted software.


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