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Disability Awareness for 5 year olds

Practical ideas for parents who want to help their child's classmates and playmates understand more about their child and his/her special needs.


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Warmth relaxes tight muscles in the water.
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

When using a full support flotation aid like the Sectional Raft, some of the body remains above the waterline. The evaporation from the exposed parts of the body causes the swimmer to get chilly. When they get chilly, spasticity may increase. So, get a towel wet and lay it over the exposed part of the body before a chill sets in. Stop the chill before it starts, helping prevent the spasticity before it begins.

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Occupational Therapy: The Fist Brush

The Fist Brush is one of those good inexpensive adaptations that makes play much more rewarding. It is a must-have basic for children with mild to fairly serious fine motor involvement who primarily use a whole hand grasp. Try matching the brush handle colours to the colours of paint being used to practice colour matching. The right tools make creative play available to all kids.


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