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Independent Mealtime For Kids With Motor Impairments

Using mealtimes to promote independence, self-care skills, and social interaction.


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Latex Alert!
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Did you know that many children with Spina Bifida and other neural tube defects have (or are at risk of developing) very serious latex allergies? If you are shopping for a child with this condition, check the product description to see if it is latex-free.

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Getting a good grip on crayons

If your child holds crayons clenched in a fist while coloring, try giving Chubbi Stump Crayons or Paint Sticks instead of long crayons. The short thick shape promotes the use on a tripod (three fingered) grasp. You can encourage the use of a mature wrist position by having the child draw on an upright easel.


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