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Swimming Pool Safety Tip.

Special swimming concerns for the child with spina bifida!


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Claude and Maude - Canadian Spelling!
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Claude and Maude is an innovative handwriting program that teaches children how to model handwritten letters freehand with their mouse. Because the program is from Britain, all spelling shown is that of the Queen's Standard of Canadian spelling!

Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Spring-a-ling! Bringing Two Hands Together

Perfect for children with fine motor delays and mild Cerebral Palsy. Encourage children to use two hands together. Try first simply shaking the toy. (it has a lovely shaky feel) Then by turning the toy, the child will cause the beads to move. Finally, have the child hold the Spring-a-ling with one hand, and slide the beads with the fingers of the other hand. Take it on long car rides, or for waiting rooms!


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