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Making Outdoor Play Fun And Safe For Children With Visual Impairments

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Speech Language Therapy: Controlling Vocalizations
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Children who have had trach tubes or who have trouble controlling vocalization can practice making louder and softer sounds - and be rewarded for it! Just add one of the fun switch adapted toys, and watch your child work hard for the playful payoff. You can adjust the Voice Activated Switch to pick the exact activation sound desired. Specialized software such as the Visual Voice Tools help too!

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Practice Visual Tracking With A Bubble Blower!

Try using the bubble blower in a windless environment to provide slow moving bubbles when the child is just beginning to visually track. Later, to make a greater challenge, take it outside on a windy day or run a fan in the room with the blower. Visual tracking is an important precursor skill for reading!


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