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Sensory Integration: Tactile Toys
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Good toys that give strong tactile feedback for children with low vision, blindness, or sensory integration problems (i.e.. Autism or PDD) are crucial so that they can explore concepts through their hands, a necessary skill to learn. This Sensory Touch Board and Double Decker Dominoes invite children to explore matching textures. Presenting the tactile and visual clues together makes matching easier to learn.

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Getting a good grip on crayons

If your child holds crayons clenched in a fist while coloring, try giving Chubbi Stump Crayons or Paint Sticks instead of long crayons. The short thick shape promotes the use on a tripod (three fingered) grasp. You can encourage the use of a mature wrist position by having the child draw on an upright easel.


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