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Children with hearing loss and the play environment.


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Floor Basketball Game: Perfect for Circle Time!
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

The Floor Basketball Game can be used by children in wheelchairs, standers, or custom seating solutions. Social skills and gross motor skills are developed with the floor basketball game. Portable and accessible from all sides, it is great for circle activity time. Try using balls of different weights or sizes to vary the difficulty level. Balls with different tactile surfaces provide variety. Place the hope next to a wall to provide a back board for advanced shots.

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Playing Choo Choo with Double Decker Dominoes!

If your child with special needs is between the cognitive ages of 18 months and four years, try making "Choo-Choo trains" with the Double Decker Dominoes. Place all dominoes face up near to the child. Start the train with one block, call it the "engine." Match another block to the back pattern of the engine block. Together, you can take turns matching the correct shape to the back of the train. When the train is long enough, let the child push the train off of the table into a basket. A great way to develop sensory processing skills!


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