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What Does The Law Say About Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In School?

In the newest amendment to IDEA, passed in 1997, AD/HD is specifically mentioned under the category of "Other Health Impairment" (OHI). Check out the IDEA's definition of OHI in this short article.


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Remember to Laugh
By: Jodee DeFever, Proud Parent

Laughing and having a sense of humor, can be the perfect medicine.

Thank God we can laugh. I dare to think what my days might look like if I couldn't(or wouldn't) see humor in life's ironies - a special needs child for instance - mine, as a matter of fact - Nicholas. I have to laugh when he makes a new sound that sounds something like "drub", because he's almost four years old, and has yet to utter a consonant. I have to laugh when his stomach tube leaks all over the floor and the dog is licking it up -(well, at least the dog is getting fed). I have to laugh when I see his school pictures - (who is that little man down in the corner of the picture?), I have to laugh when he laughs - he is after all, the source of much pain, and much joy.

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Sort and Fit Board Teaches Fine Motor Control

Pegboards are basic toys for practically all kids. Fitting a peg into a matching space is a very satisfying feeling. This exceptional pegboard has more possible play activities then the average. The "double" peg system facilitates interesting colour and size matching games. The two kinds of pegs need different levels of fine motor skills, making this a toy that kids can grow with. Good for children with visual impairments and general developmental delays.


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