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Schooltime For Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

School can be hard for children with AD/HD. Success in school often means being able to pay attention and control behavior and impulse. These are the areas where children with AD/HD have trouble. Here are tips for teachers for helping kids learn.


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Helping Fidgety Kids Sit Still?
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

A sensory approach to the age-old question.

Lots of children have trouble sitting still in a circle or in a class. A nonintegrated sensory system may be at the bottom of their problem. Sensory circle-time strategies can help the 'fidgeter', in both the classroom and the home.

How about:

Seating the children in beanbag or soft chairs to give maximum support and pressure over a large part of the body surface. If possible, adapt the seating for the whole group. This helps the children avoid feeling singled out or "special".

Use a visual cue (like a carpet marker) to show the child where to sit. A good collection of bright place mats can offer each child an easily recognizable spot of their own.

Let the child hold "fidget toys". Try a Skwish, a few Wikki Stix, or Strength Putty. Save these toys for circle time only to maximize their magic.

Sit the child straddling a Physio Egg or a Physioball. The kinesthetic and vestibular input may help stretch the attention span.

Try breaking the circle up into an active physical part and a quiet listening part. For some children, a brief bout of physical exertion can help them settle down and focus on the teacher.

Carrying a few strategies in to the circle can help you get the most of the time spent in the circle.

Have fun!

Welcome to Dragonfly USA.

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Children with Special Needs and Good Eating Habits

Teaching children with special needs good eating and drinking skills is important to do from the start - a bad habit can be very hard to break! To teach putting the cup back at the correct place on the table just put the Cup Detector where you want the cup to go and watch children eagerly put their cup there to get the reward of lights and music. This can easily be taken to school or daycare to help teach the skill across many settings.


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