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Swimming Pool Safety Tip.
By: Renata Bursten, Dragonfly Staff

Special swimming concerns for the child with spina bifida!

Swimming can be one of the best forms of physical activities for kids with spina bifida. Extra caution is needed in the shallow end, as the pool floor poses a special hazard for a child who is without sensation in the legs.
,To promote safety, try:

1. A swim aid like the Dolphin Swim Suit to allow more time in the deeper end.
,2. Wearing protective clothing on the legs.

3. Teaching the child to frequently visually inspect their feet for signs of damage.

4. If the child can walk in the water, water shoes can be very good.

5. Don't forget to check the latex-status! Most of Dragonfly's swim aids are marked as latex-free, but always ask about pool products if your child has a latex allergy. The pool is no place for a surprise.

These tips are a good start to pool fun. Toy Club members should write more tips about pool play in the PlayPen! Everyone loves to read them, and most kids love the pool time play.

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