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An Intro to Hannah - Unknown Diagnosis

My sister has disabilities... and no one seems to know their cause.


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Darwin's Basic Skills: Mouse Edition

Darwin’s Basic Skills is non-core curriculum software designed to reward pre-literate children for their curiosity and empower their sense of independent learning.

Comprised of a battery of learning games for safe and appropriate use of computer hardware and software to aid in their ability to learn the lessons their educators prepare, the lessons speak to each player in the language of gaming and play.

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Sensory Integration and the Mini Massager

One of the best ways to use the Mini Massager is to place on different parts of the child's body either to help learn to name body parts, or just to become aware of the whole body. A good way to give kinesthetic and body position feedback to more immobile children. The Mini Massager can also be used on the hands or on and around the mouth to decrease hypersensitivity and tactile defensiveness. This can often help a child who is having trouble eating textured food eat more normally.


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